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2009-08-28 18:10:36 by Haroshi

I'm actually going to post on a blog very regularly but not here from now on,
because i'd rather do it in one place rather than having to copy paste all over the place.

And blogspot seems to be the best place to do this.

So if you want to follow what i'm up to animation-wise, art-wise, music-wise, and in general bookmark this blog

http://thefantasticfruitbowl.wordpress .com/

That is all.

my album is finished!

2009-04-17 16:27:52 by Haroshi

listen to it here allyeinotoxism

give it a listen and tell me what you think

i may upload the tracks individually to the audio portal soon as well


2008-12-16 22:34:47 by Haroshi

I just decided to look at my profile after not doing so for ages and somehow I am a featured artist in the audio portal.

This seems like a good opportunity to upload a handful of tracks I have made over the past few months.

I now use reason to make my tracks, rather than garageband.
If you want to get into music production I definitely recommend it.

On the animation front I have been working on something for the past few months.
But I have been at Uni so production has sloooooowed down a bit.

It should be done in... 2-4 months though... it's hard to estimate really, my uni course is pretty intense.


2008-04-21 19:10:45 by Haroshi

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yup, just trying out the new video embedding feature.

Hell yeah homeboys

2008-03-03 20:07:32 by Haroshi

Finally Finally Finally Finally Finally Finally Finally Finally

finished my animation i've been working on.

I am so very pleased, and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Expect some more animations soon, as I won't be making them 6:30 minutes + this time.

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww yyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Hell yeah homeboys


2008-02-04 21:30:07 by Haroshi

No one will read this shit.

hwrzhrhzdfhs`rgbsfrbs`rh`srbsrbsr kakakakakakakaka:


p.s. new animation coming in about a month bitches



2007-07-17 21:01:27 by Haroshi

And I thought the old layout looked profesional!

This is great, everything is fluid and looks excellent, it feels like an industrial/organic site now (a good mix).
And it's good to see Newgrounds getting up to date with user news posts. ;)

Wow has it really been over a year since I last submitted something?
I guess I find I hard to stick with one project.

My latest flash is very close to being finished now, so I should get it uploaded in a few weeks or at least by the end of the summer. And I will have my website up soon too.

Peace out. :)